Fox Racing Shox D.O.S.S. Dropper Seatpost Nearing Production

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2012 Fox Racing Shox DOSS dropper seatpostDOSS dropper post is finally really real. Almost.
This one’s a 95% ready prototype. They’re still working out the last 5%, including whether or not it’ll have a Kashima coated option.
Push both triggers and it lowers 40mm. Push both and it drops 125mm. Push it again to release. Technically, you can release it slightly to bring it back up to the half way position, but you’ve gotta have a pretty sensitive trigger finger or weight the seat a little. This one shoots up fairly quickly, but not the fastest return we’ve seen.
Internally, Fox’s Euro guy says how it works is a big, big secret but there are no plastic parts.  I grabbed the saddle and there was virtually no rotational play, which is pretty impressive. If they can keep it that way after a bit of use, it’ll be a real accomplishment.
More pics after the break…

2012 Fox Racing Shox DOSS dropper seatpost
The dual lever lets you push both for short travel or the longer outer lever for full travel.
2012 Fox Racing Shox DOSS dropper seatpost
Their display unit’s cable got pretty frayed but we still managed to make it work for a few photos:
2012 Fox Racing Shox DOSS dropper seatpost
Not shown, they also have a new base level (cheaper) Remote lockout lever for front or rear shocks/forks. Their larger, higher end unit has a slicker release mech, but this one will be cheaper and work with twist shifters like Rohloff and old Gripshift.

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